Edward Stokes’ most recent award is from Singapore.

Prior to that, he received awards in Hong Kong where he has published books since 1995.

Scroll down to see Ed’s earliest awards. These were from Australia, where he began his career as a photographer and writer in the 1980s.



2011 National Arts Council, Singapore
Singapore Permanent Residency, Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme

Hong Kong
Besides the institutional awards given below, as Publisher for the Hong Kong Conservation Photography Foundation (1997 – 2007) and The Photographic Heritage Foundation (2008 to the present) Edward Stokes led book origination and funding partnerships with (given here in chronological order): The Swire Group; Cathay Pacific; MTR Corporation; Hong Kong Tourist Association; Shell; Kadoorie Farm & Botanical Garden; Dr Helmut Sohmen; Jebsen & Co. Ltd; Deacons; Mr and Mrs Shum Choi Sang; Friends of the Country Parks; Cypress Group of Companies; KCR Corporation; Asia Financial; Chinachem Group; Dr Charles Yeung and the GS Charity Foundation.


2006 Astrid Awards
Silver Winner, Design Excellence, Hedda Morrison’s Hong Kong
2004 The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust
Book Production Grant, Hedda Morrison’s Hong Kong
2003 The Lord Wilson Heritage Trust
Research Grant, Hedda Morrison’s Hong Kong
2003 Hong Kong Print Awards
Merit Award, Hong Kong Nature Calendar 2003
2002 American Institute of Architects
Citation For Advocacy, Hong Kong Conservation Publications
1998 Rolex Awards for Enterprise
Final Shortlist, Hong Kong Conservation Photography Foundation


1993 Rolex Awards for Enterprise
Selected Project, Australian Exploration Trilogy
1992 Australia Council
Book Writing Fellowship, Innocents Abroad
1989 Australian Geographic
Best Writer Award, Groote Eylandt Aborigines
1988 Bicentennial Awards for Excellence
Final Shortlist, Overall Literary Achievement
1988 Australia Council
Book Writing Fellowship, The Desert Coast
1988 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award
Final Shortlist, To The Inland Sea
1987 Australian Geographic
Best Photographer Award, Lasseter’s Gold
1986 Northern Territory Government
Annual History Award, Across The Centre
1984 Australia Council
Book Writing Grant, To The Inland Sea
1982 New South Wales Government
Social History Grant, United We Stand
1982 Australia Council
Book Writing Grant, United We Stand
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