Edward Stokes’ books represent three phases of his photography, writing and publishing.

Most recently: Hong Kong heritage books, presenting historical photographs and narrative texts – originated and published by him between 2005 and today for The Photographic Heritage Foundation and a precursor body. Before that: his Hong Kong conservation books with Ed’s photos, completed from 1995 to 2005 – published by the Hong Kong Conservation Photography Foundation. And farther back, at the beginning: his Australian books, photo-led histories that included a nineteenth century exploration trilogy – all released by commercial publishers between 1983 and 1996.

Edward’s book jackets are presented below. Scroll down and click on any to read about the book and check out its reviews. Besides the reviews, a few books have commentaries by people with special knowledge of the book topic. Lee Fook Chee’s Hong Kong reviews will be added as they appear.

Ed Stokes’ most recent books can be purchased online. See the link on each book’s page.