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Edward Stokes’ career as a photographer, writer, and in later years a publisher, has led to numerous books – first portraying Australia and later Hong Kong. In the coming years he plans to complete books about Singapore and its region.

Edward’s publications mostly involve representations of history, as seen through the prism of photographs and narratives. Aiming to create books whose ‘sum is greater than their parts’, he focuses on comprehensive, image rich projects. From 1997 to 2008 Edward’s books were published for the Hong Kong Conservation Photography Foundation, a body that aimed to promote nature awareness. Since 2008 he has been Publisher for The Photographic Heritage Foundation, an organization that seeks out and re-contextualizes Asian historical photographs.


Click on any of the photos below to read about Edward’s career turning points and publications. Scroll down to visit a captioned photo sequence Journey, with people and places Ed has known through the years.