It would be impossible to thank all the companies, organizations and people – above all, family and friends – who have encouraged and assisted my career as a photographer, writer and publisher. You are each remembered very warmly: in Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The associates I have been most closely involved with in recent years, through the work of The Photographic Heritage Foundation and otherwise, especially those in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, are thanked below – together with those who have contributed directly to this website.

The names are listed partly by groups, and partly alphabetically.


Hong Kong 

Bernard Charnwut Chan, Dr Helmut Sohmen, Helmuth Hennig, Peter Aherne, Robert Baxter, John Richardson, Ang Seow Wei, Malcolm Ainsworth, Charlotte Bleasdale, Norman de Brackinghe, Don Brech, Jennifer Chan, Victor Cheong, Patricia Chiu, Peter Cunich, Colin Day, Brett Free, Nicholas Kitto, David Kwan, Billy Lam, Johnny Lau, Stephanie Chow, Johnny Lee, Clinton Leeks, Kin-ming Liu, Juan Jose Morales, Nicholas Moore, Gavin Nesbitt, Millie Shing, Peter Sidorko, Philip Suen, Colin Tillyer, Richard Wesley, Camay Wong, George Wong and Jason Wordie.


Tommy Koh, Wang Gungwu, Elaine Ng, Chan Heng Wing, Eric Chin, Francis Dorai, Kelvin Ang, Peter Schoppert, Graham Berry, Nick Doggett, Linus Lee, Tom Mitchell, Ian Pringle, R. Ramachandran and Dr Kevin Tan.


Amelia McKenzie, Barbara Mobbs, Gael Newton.

Website Credits 

Johnny Lee and Simon Lo, Color Six Laboratories Limited.
Sincere thanks for the website image scanning and retouching.

Colin Tillyer and Christina Ng, Graphicat Limited.
Sincere thanks for the website design and development.

Bobby Chan, Cloud Access Asia.
Sincere thanks for the website updates.

Murray Bourne
With thanks for generous website advice over many years.

Rogan Coles
With thanks for website advice and the event photos.

Tony Mai
With thanks for help with images.

Photo Copyright

The photos on this website are all the copyright of Edward Stokes.

Photo downloading and printing is allowed for private and study use only.

Photos of the Singapore Lee Fook Chee exhibition opening copyright of, and courtesy of, Information Services Department, Hong Kong SAR Government