Today Edward Stokes’ journal and magazine features are mostly drawn from, or reflect on, the books by him and others, published by The Photographic Heritage Foundation.

In his early years as a photographer and writer, especially in the 1980s and early 1990s, Ed contributed photo-led stories to many publications – mostly in Australia and Asia. Experience, timing and some luck all played a part. This came into play with the 1986 establishment of Australian GEOGRAPHIC, for which Ed contributed six extended photo essays – including the launch issue’s lead story.

For a photographer and writer ‘AG’ was challenging. Besides detailed research, feature articles demanded being in the field for long periods – but that was also the joy! Ed was commissioned to photograph and write the lead article for the launch issue of Australian GEOGRAPHIC, which is shown here. The launch issue was hugely successful, and ‘AG’ continues to publish today. Ed’s story in the launch issue, Lasseter’s Gold, won the journal’s first ‘Best Photographer Award’. See Awards.

Scroll down, click on any of the ‘AG’ covers to see Ed’s stories, as their original double-pages. The PDF’s are scanned from the 20 to 30 year-old print versions, hence the less than ideal image quality.

Australian GEOGRAPHIC PDFs, thanks to:
Chrissie Goldrick and Jess Teideman