Since 2008, given work for The Photographic Heritage Foundation, publishing its books of historical photos, Edward Stokes’ own photography has been put on hold. However, Ed remains a photographer first and foremost. In coming years, he hopes to begin photographing again.

Four projects in mind are shown here. As a nature landscape photographer, Edward envisages these as concept-led ‘gem’ books – with focused themes, mid-sized formats and art quality reproduction. The photos here, with brief notes, are only ‘reccy’ shots. Except for the cloud images, they were taken quickly with point-and-shoot cameras – to scout out ideas and subjects, the best way to pioneer serious photographic projects. Through these book plans, Ed also hopes to encourage, involve and inspire young photographic talent. The project names are working titles only.

Click on any of the photos below to check out that project – and some related publications.

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