Above: Mt Stenhouse seen at dawn, Hong Kong.
Below: The sky at a purple dusk, above a Hong Kong island.


Clouds are stories in motion, with dramatic ever changing colours and poetic moods. But beset with urban life, and sometimes hemmed in by tower blocks, do we look up to appreciate their grandeur?

The photos here show clouds in nature. However, clouds seen in cities, where most people live, are equally beautiful. Not only those seen in the sky, say from buses or trains – also clouds we glimpse mirrored in puddles, reflecting off glass-walled buildings, or gleaming on car windows. Celebrating the beauty and drama of clouds.

See Alfred Stieglitz’s 1930s cloud studies or ‘Equivalents’ in Alfred Stieglitz, Aperture Masters of Photography. Stieglitz’s black-and-white sky studies have a Turner-like atmospheric quality.

Publisher: Konemann, Cologne, 1997


Read this charming and informative book, full of historical and meteorological interest: The Cloudspotter’s Guide by Gavin Pretor-Pinney, The Cloud Appreciation Society.

Publisher: Sceptre, London, 2006