Forest Studies

Above: Foliage, brilliantly backlit, shows its inner structure.
Below: Richly coloured and decaying forest leaves.


Viewed from a distance forested areas – especially in the tropics – often seem visually uniform. But viewed nearer, especially close up, the variety seen in nature’s plant forms inspires wonder: colours and textures of bark; the outline shapes of foliage; the intricate inner structure of individual leaves; soft colours of lichens and mosses.

The images here were taken along the boardwalk at Singapore’s MacRitchie Reservoir, a meandering route where forest meets water. The surrounding profusion and variation of plant forms is superb.

Look for DOMBROVSKIS, A PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLECTION. The work has Peter Dombrovskis’ meticulous and passionate Tasmanian nature images, including some wonderful close up studies.

Publisher: West Wind Press, Sandy Bay, Tasmania, 1998