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x3c, 4, 5k, w, 8q, x9, d, wks, 6, zgn, Making Books - Edward Stokes

For Edward Stokes originating books represents a journey not a destination. Each new publication has its own challenges, but various aspects naturally recur. Here is the story of why, and how, he began ‘making books’.

A turning point came in 1995 following the publication of Edward’s first Hong Kong book, Hong Kong’s Wild Places. The image reproduction, as compared with the book’s original transparencies, was far from ideal. This had also been the case with his earlier Australian books. These quality issues gave the impetus for Edward to establish two publishing bodies. They were not-for-profit, and with educational and community advocacy aims. Both had publishing highly produced books as their key objective: the Hong Kong Conservation Photography Foundation (1997 – 2008); and its follow-on body, The Photographic Heritage Foundation (2008 to the present).

Click on any of the photos below to read its ‘making books’ story. Scroll further down to a sequence of captioned photos showing the stages of book printing.

The Photographic Heritage Foundation’s book origination is described at: www.photo-heritage.com/Design and Print/


Victor Cheong and Edward Stokes, after the printing of Hong Kong As It Was.

For Edward Stokes working with designers and printers has, over two decades, been a memorable journey. Almost everything he learned came from the distilled experience and practical know-how of designers, digital imaging experts, print managers and printers. Working with demanding craftsmen and women naturally brought some challenges. However, far more, it yielded pleasure, professional satisfaction and friendships. To all those who advised, helped and encouraged along the way, my very sincere thanks.

Book Printing – A Photo Story

The twenty photos here tell the story, as photographed at C.S. Graphics, of all the sequential stages in printing books: scanning photos, digital imaging, plate making, press checking, printing, guillotining and binding. Roll over to enlarge the images and captions.