Printing Partners

Sim Chor Sum (second from left), the leading C.S. Graphics pressman, with his team of pressmen.


One of the pleasures of originating books is working with experienced scanners, photo imaging experts, designers and printers.

A key aspect of leading publishing projects is motivating the team, encouraging and gently nudging people to go the extra distance, to achieve quality levels even they wonder at being possible. In the early to middle stages of any book, given its gradual development, the partner work, while always committed, is less time pressured. In book printing, which normally is done in three days or less, often printing twenty-four hours around the clock, coordination and teamwork are critical. If a flaw appears, or if something goes seriously wrong, a publisher depends entirely on the printer’s technical backup, experience and staff to respond quickly and make the necessary adjustments.

Pressmen still often learn their craft on the job, or with only minimal technical training. The best pressmen, as this photo and others here suggest, take intense pride in their work – and doubly so when they are printing demanding, top reproduction quality books. Here, after some three days printing Hong Kong As It Was, the CS Graphics’ print team join Ed for a group photo.