Exploring Hong Kong’s Countryside, A Visitor’s Companion

Photographer and Author: Edward Stokes
Publisher: Hong Kong Tourist Association (HK), 1999
Format: Softback, 210mm x 150mm, 216pp.
Photos: Colour
ISBN: 962-7534-03-X


Images of Hong Kong usually show its city, with gleaming towers lining the harbour. This hiking guidebook presents another Hong Kong. Exploring dramatic peaks, and roaming around majestic coasts, the book reveals the grandeur of the natural landscape.

Hong Kong has some of South China’s finest natural settings. Their beauty and ecology rival far larger places. And, with 40 percent of Hong Kong’s land held for conservation, its Country and Marine Parks offer splendid hiking and recreation.

The Chinese expression for ‘landscape’ is shan shui, or ‘mountains water’. The image suits Hong Kong perfectly. In few other parts of China are hills and sea blended in such dramatic grandeur, making Hong Kong a paradise for hikers – with walking routes found very close to the city.

Early morning light envelops Lamma Island, etching its landscape in brilliant detail. Below a craggy peak, ravines plunge to an indented coast. Stretching into the distance are coves and bays, inlets and promontories.

Exploring Hong Kong’s Countryside was sparked by a long, very fruitful partnership with the custodians of Hong Kong’s Country Parks, the Agriculture and Fisheries Department and Friends of the Country Parks. The book launch was held at Quarry Gap.

The guidebook has clear sections, with an overview of Hong Kong hiking, followed by hike routes for the main parts of the territory. Numerous hiking routes are fully detailed, with maps, distances, elevations, safety, transport and other information. Narratives written by Edward Stokes describe the landscape, history and ecology.

‘Every generation has the right to enjoy the Countryside. But we also have a duty to keep it as an intact, living resource for all future generations.’
CY Jim, Chairman, Friends of the Country Parks