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“Narratives can make us understand. Photographs do something more: they haunt us.”

Susan Sontag

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Curating exhibitions is an extension of Edward Stokes’ book publishing done for The Photographic Heritage Foundation. Its exhibitions inject cultural energy and reflect the increasing community interest in heritage. Edward’s aim is to present – at high visual levels – analogue, film photos for the digital age.


The Photographic Heritage Foundation’s exhibitions have a lively interplay between images – framed photos with panel prints – and stories. They capture both the places and times recorded, together with the photographers’ lives and work. The Foundation’s exhibitions are designed by Colin Tillyer, Director of Graphicat.

Visit the Foundation’s exhibitions at –

Two Photographers – Two Cities exhibition, 2021.

Explore curating exhibitions and the work stages.

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Concepts And Venues

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Printing From Negatives

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Telling A Story


Design And Production

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Curating And Producing An Exhibition 
Recovery, Resilience, Resurgence, 2021 – 2022    

Banner photos, copyright: (left) The Estate of Lee Fook Chee, (right) Rogan Coles.

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