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“There’s nothing like a printed book; the weight, the woody scent, the feel, the look.”

E.A. Bucchianeri

Using a magnifying eyepiece, Victor Cheong, the book’s designer, press checks the jacket of Hong Kong As It Was.

Victor Cheong press checks Hong Kong As It Was.

For Edward Stokes “making books” has continued for over two decades. His involvement with book origination, from 1998 to 2008, was for a Hong Kong nature photo publishing body. Since 2008, he has been Publisher of The Photographic Heritage Foundation.       


The Foundation publishes historical photos in visually compelling books and other publications, with very high reproduction quality. Their impact is enhanced by elegant, timeless design – created by Colin Tillyer, Director of Graphicat Limited.


The Foundation’s books have detailed sections on their photographic methods, design, and printing. 

View the Foundation’s books at –    

Follow Edward Stokes and Colin Tillyer “making books”.  

Imagining Books

Refining Layouts

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Pre-press Proofing

Press Checking And Printing

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3. PRE-PRESS PROOFING 1100 c.jpg
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Step Inside The Pressroom

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