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Edward Stokes’ photography and writing awards are listed below.


The awards for his Hong Kong work come first, with below that his earlier Australian awards.

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Hong Kong – 1993 to present


1998   Rolex Awards For Enterprise Shortlist
Hong Kong nature conservation books

2002   American Institute Of Architects Hong Kong Citation
Environmental advocacy

Sharp Peak, Hong Kong – 1994


Northern Territory, Australia – 1985

Australia – 1982 to 1993


1982   Australia Council – History Writing Grant
United We Stand


1982   New South Wales Government – History Writing Grant
To The Inland Sea

1984   Australia Council – Writing Grant
Across The Centre 

1986   Northern Territory Government – Annual History Award
Across The Centre

1987   Australian Geographic – Best Photographer Award
Launch Issue, Lasseter’s Gold

1988   Victorian Premier’s Literary Award Shortlist
To The Inland Sea

1988   Australia Council – Writing Fellowship
The Desert Coast


1988   Bicentennial Awards For Excellence Shortlist
Australian explorer books 

1989   Australian Geographic – Best Writer Award
Edward Eyre 


1992   Australia Council – Writing Fellowship
Innocents Abroad 


1993   Rolex Awards for Enterprise – Selected Project
Australian explorer books

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