The Photography Book

Photographer and Author: Edward Stokes
Publisher: Ashton Scholastic (Gosford NSW), 1991
Format: Softback, 210mm x 250mm, 64pp.
Photos: Colour and black-and-white
ISBN: 1-86388-446-7


This photography guidebook for children has some simple messages: photography is fun, it’s exciting, and anyone can do it. You don’t need a complicated camera or expensive equipment. But some hints will help. And you need patience and lots of practice.

 Written long before digital photography had made its serious appearance, and with today’s digital devices little more than gleams in tech visionaries’ eyes, this ‘how to’ book still holds true. Because, despite the mesmerizing technical imaging advances, photography’s creative and aesthetic options remain much the same. As the book says:

A family journey took me to England while I was completing this children’s book. There I found two ideal models, my nieces Aley and Vicky. Aley can be seen, Vicky is only legs. In Cuttleslowe Park, Oxford, the fairy Vicky rests on Aley’s palm.

Taking photos is a wonderful way of seeing and expressing yourself.

The more you know a place, the better your photos can become.

Whenever you go outside, try to notice how the light looks.

The ‘art of seeing’ is what photography is all about.