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View over Double Haven from the summit of Tiu Tang Lung.


“The photograph is a message more than a mirror, and the man a messenger who happens to be a photographer.”

Minor White

Welcome to this website and enjoy exploring it.

The site has Edward Stokes’ work covering almost forty years – from his initial years as a photographer and writer in Australia, to now publishing photos of Hong Kong and Asia.


Photography and writing, and since 1998 publishing books and curating exhibitions, have been Ed Stokes’ lodestars. For those contemplating creative work, especially in photography or the visual arts, he hopes that his work will encourage your own creative journey.

Join Edward Stokes On A Virtual Tour

Of Recovery, Resilience, Resurgence.

See The June 2023 HKU Photography

Exhibition Colours of Hong Kong.

Edward Stokes, writer, publisher and curator.

Explore Edward Stokes’ Photos, Publications And Exhibitions

Edward Stokes' journey

Sunrise on the Nullarbor Plain, Western Australia – 1988 c.jpg

Photographic publications

Marjorie Doggett's Singapore Book

Making books

Photographer and publisher, Edward Stokes, with Cathy Wong, of Elegance Printing during the printing of Hong Kong’s Nature Landscapes.

Curating exhibitions

Ed Stokes with Cherry Fung, exhibition producer and installer; and Colin Tillyer, book and exhibition designer.

Edward Stokes is an Australian photographer, writer, publisher, and curator. He grew up in Hong Kong and returned there in 1993. In recent years his key interest has been the photographic history of Asia.


Edward’s many books about Hong Kong and Australia have been widely praised for blending photos with illuminating historical texts. From 2008 until 2023 he was the Founder and Publisher of The Photographic Heritage Foundation. Ed was educated in Hong Kong, and at the Royal Australian Naval College, followed by reading Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Magdalen College, Oxford.

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