Marjorie Doggett’s Singapore, A Photographic Record

Foreword: Gael Newton AM, Curatorial Consultant, Former Senior Curator of Photography, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

It is my privilege to introduce The Photographic Heritage Foundation’s historical photography monograph, Marjorie Doggett’s Singapore. This engaging photo book places Doggett’s images of the city’s 1950s architecture as an important part Singapore’s photographic heritage. A timely publication, the book adds another name to an emerging list of early to mid-twentieth century women photographers being recognised across Southeast Asia.

The infrastructure – and creation – of this monograph result from The Photographic Heritage Foundation’s passion for the appreciation and preservation of photographic archives, led by the photographer, writer, curator and publisher Edward Stokes. Having known Ed since the 1980s, I have watched the succession of his photo books unfold, including the past productions of The Photographic Heritage Foundation. All have been generated by his own talents, energy and determination. His has been a true stewardship of the work of past photographers, with the resulting recognition of their continued legacy for the present and future.

Marjorie Doggett’s images now sing, light carves, shadows dance and clouds billow so freshly. As someone deeply fond of Singapore, and familiar with all of Doggett’s still existing buildings, I imagine myself standing behind her on a particular day, my Caucasian self – alas – sweating profusely under an umbrella.