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Ed Stokes, Cherry Fung, Colin Tillyer

Ed Stokes with Cherry Fung, exhibition producer and installer; and Colin Tillyer, book and exhibition designer.

Cathy Wong, the print maCathy Wong, Elegance Printing, Kwun Tong; Colin Tillyer.

Cathy Wong, the print manager at Elegance Printing, Kwun Tong; seen here refining proofs with Colin Tillyer.

Kelly Wong, Kenneth Ko, Grace Chow; Artmen, Wan Chai

Kelly Wong (centre), of Artmen, Wan Chai, our valued fine art framer; here with staff Kenneth Ko and Grace Chow.

Kelvin Mun, Lily Chow, Marcus Ho.

Kelvin Mun (centre), of AVS Singapore, our fine art photo house; with his superb printers, Lily Chow and Marcus Ho.

B -- SET UP 7c.jpg

At the Main Library, The University of Hong Kong Libraries, staff set up Colours of Hong Kong.
Left to right, Patrick Kwan, Guts Chung, and Charlton Ng.

Norman de Brackinghe

Norman de Brackinghe, print manager and photographer; and my very greatly valued book printing mentor.

Johnny Lau, Stephanie Chow, Ma King Kee, Wan Chai

Johnny Lau and Stephanie Chow of Ma King Kee, Wan Chai; always busy, always fast, MKK is a production blessing.

Libby1500 c.jpg

Ed Stokes with Libby Chan, previously Chief Curator, Hong Kong Maritime Museum; and her daughter Lai Lai.   

WEB 5.jpg

Ed Stokes with Simon Lo and Connie Chan of Color Six – the imaging lab which prints Edward’s photos.

B -- SET UP 2c.jpg

Guts Chung, of the Main Library, The University of Hong Kong Libraries, arranging a case for Colours of Hong Kong.


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